3LostSeeds Three Lost Seeds: Stories of Becoming
by Stephie Morton, Nicole Wong (Illustrations)

Each of the three seeds in this story-a cherry seed in the Middle East, an acacia seed in Australia and a lotus seed in Asia- survives a difficult journey through flood, fire and drought, then eventually sprouts and flourishes.

To author, Stephie Morton, the struggle of these seeds is a metaphor for the hardships faced by displaced children all over the world. While Nature challenges both groups, she also empowers them with the ability to adapt and the resilience to overcome. Kids, like seeds, thrive when given a chance.

Forthcoming: October 2019 from Tilbury House Publishers

About the Author

Stephie Morton (Fort Collins, CO) founded the Children's Art Workshop and Ideas Happen Here to nurture the creative spirit in every child. She now carries that mission to Elementary School classrooms where she designs and teaches curriculum that uses art to make learning fun.

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