Send me and Matisse a picture of your best artwork (it can be anything you have created) and maybe I'll put it in one of our art shows.

Please include the following information when you send your art:
● title of your artwork
● artist’s first name
● artist’s age
● parent’s permission
● what country you are from
● what art materials are used

Miss Marvellini’s Art Show is a place for individual children to display their original creations.
Teachers, no class assignments, please!

Every artist who submits art will receive a response from me, Miss Marvellini
and my enthusiastic dog, Matisse within 2 weeks from when I receive it. If your art work is
selected to be in a show, you will be notified and it will appear in the gallery within 4 weeks.
Miss Marvellini will not use your art for any commercial purpose.

How to send me your art work:
Take a photo of your creation, or scan it, and email it to me here:
Or if you’d rather mail me a piece of art work you can send it to me.
I won’t be able to return it, so keep that in mind if you send me an original!

You can mail me your creation at:
Miss Marvellini’s Art Show
c/o Stephie Morton
Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art
201 S College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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